Firefly (CD in 6 Panel Eco-Wallet)


Own Wanigan’s landmark second album complete with liner notes, in this beautiful six-panel digipak wallet made with recycled materials.

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Filled with story songs: songs about dreams, love, life, & light. Tight three- and four-part harmonies. Brilliant fiddle, mandolin, banjo and guitar breaks; driving rhythms and tender melodies. Featuring Warren Akin on guitar and lead vocals, Dale Vallandigham on the banjo and vocals, Tim Gundy on the mandolin and vocals, Mike Haberman on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Jason Hackwith on the fiddle and vocals, and Denis Hackwith on the bass and mandolin.

Chasing dreams of freedom, Bill Moreland heads west, surviving alone on the brutal ridges above the North Fork of the Clearwater River, where a legend is born.

On the same river, men brave the cold spring weather and water to drive logs down to the mill in Lewiston. Gathering in the wanigan for a hot meal and music, they fall asleep in their bunks to the song of the water.

A fiddle player dances his dreams across the strings to the melody of the prairies. Who leads in this dance is not always clear.

Farmers raise dreams, crops and children alike from the fertile Palouse soil. Among the slowly fading remains of their homestead, a spring still bubbles forth.

On one such farm, a boy shuts his tractor down and looks off across the fields in quiet anticipation. Through the soft clicking of the slowly cooling engine, the music of his dreams echoes in the distant cry of a train.

Jackson Sundown follows his dreams on one more ride and becomes the rodeo world champion at the age of 53.

Rita and Eddie waltz across the aisles of the Five and Dime to the music of steel guitars, bar room bands, and late night radio.

Alec and Margaret dream of a life together forever, and against all odds, find it in spite of the hard times. Their rich legacy of love in the face of trial passes down to their children and grandchildren.

Chasing dreams is a little like chasing after fireflies. Sometimes they can lead you on a journey across the country—just to catch a glimpse before their light goes out.

Sometimes, you catch one and it lights your life for awhile.

Sometimes, you have to let them go.

Sometimes, they lead you home.

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